31 Mile Dog Walk in August - Kennel to Couch

K2C walking challenges are back! We have missed them and we know you have too! So let’s get moving this summer.

Join us for the 31 Mile Dog Walk in August Challenge! You will be joining Kennel to Couch, a registered 501(c)(3) dedicated to helping the longest-tenured and most at-risk dogs in shelters get adopted.
Join thousands of others taking on the 31 Mile Dog Walk Challenge to raise funds and support Kennel to Couch’s mission to remove at-risk dogs from shelters and provide the support and incentives needed to encourage the adoption of our sponsored dogs.
To get in on the fun, simply join this Facebook group whose encouragement and support will help you stay motivated throughout the month of August. You can create your own fundraiser and get your friends and family in on the fun! You can even track your miles with the downloadable PDF tracker.
Nothing in this challenge or any communications related to it should be interpreted as medical advice. Ask your doctor if this challenge is right for you.
Any personal information requested is not sold or shared, only used to ship challenge incentives. All funds raised go to support kenneltocouch.org
Are you ready for the 31 mile dog walk in August?! Grab those tennis shoes, leash up those pups, and let’s do this!

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