National Pit Bull Non Profit & Advocacy Organization.

Changing the Face
of Pit Bull Rescue
Across America

Our unique non-profit organization connects open-hearted dog lovers with individual, at-risk Pitbulls at shelters throughout the country, saving one Pitbull at a time. Learn how you can help.

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Support Pitbull Rescues
Support Pitbull Rescues

Our Current Events!

Win The Ultimate Backyard BBQ Blowout Campaign!

Win a 20-Piece Ultimate BBQ Set Featuring a Treager Timerbline XL, Blackstone Griddle w/Air Fryer, Yoder Smokers Wood Fire Pizza Oven, and a Large Big Green Egg w/Nest While Supporting a Worthy Cause!

A Nationwide Effort, One Pitbull at a Time

We focus on one Pitbull at a time — the most at risk dog in each shelter — creating urgency and putting a single dog’s face and a name to our efforts which is extremely effective. Our goal is removing ALL Pitbulls from their shelters and placing them in loving homes.

Your donations can make our efforts real for these endangered dogs.

To help shelters with the adoption process, and encourage adoptions, we offer a premium package of dog-care essentials. Upon adoption, our sponsored dogs will receive the K2C Pibble Package at no expense to the family.

Save a Loving Dog Today

Join our relentless quest to save the lives of endangered Pitbulls in shelters across America. Our “single-dog” social campaigns are 100% effective at placing these dogs in loving homes. Help us today!

How it works

Pit Bull Adoption Advocacy

Your Donation

Pit Bull Adoption Advocacy

Individual Pitbull Sponsorship

Pit Bull Adoption Advocacy

Family adopts sponsored Pit Bull

Pit Bull Adoption Advocacy

Family receives K2C “Pibble Package”

Pit Bull Adoption Advocacy

Pit Bull lives happily furever

Sharing the Love

“Greenspring Advisors is proud to support the work of Kennel to Couch through our grant as they are making an impact by educating the community about the misconceptions that plague the Pit Bull breed and by helping find loving families and individuals for their “sponsored” Pit Bulls in area shelters; which makes space for another animal in need of a home!”

-Lauren Gwinn, Grant Committee Chairperson

Pibble Press

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