Pitbull Charity Donation

many paws make light work!

Thank you for sharing our passion for Pitbull Charity and Advocacy. Our goal is to work with as many shelters and sponsor as many precious Pitties as possible. Your donations save them from euthanasia due to overcrowding and give them the time to be and removed from cold shelter kennels and placed into loving homes with couches to cuddle on. Your donation can help one of our Pitties find their furever home.

Every $500 in one time donations raised allows us to sponsor and advertise another Pit Bull that is in the most need of help at their shelter!

Every $500 in monthly donations raised allows us to add and entire shelter to our program!

Please consider even a $5 per month donation to help us build enough resources to start adding additional shelters to our monthly efforts! As a thank you for your support, any monthly donation of $5 or more will earn you our exclusive K2C magnet!

A Special Gift for your Donation

As a THANK YOU for your support, any monthly donation of $5 or more will get a special Kennel to Couch magnet!

Use it on your car or on your refrigerator to show your love and dedication to our loving Pibble Breed.

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