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Pit Bull Adoption

Sponsorship cannot happen without you! Our Pit Bulls rely on generous donations from individuals like you, who share our love and passion for the breed. Your donations, small and large, help us sponsor as many furry friends as possible. Your support is what allows us to expand the amount of shelters we partner with and increase the number of sponsored Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Adoptions!

How do we use donations? One time donations allow us to sponsor and advertise the individual Pit Bull that has been at the shelter longest!

Monthly donations allow us to work towards adding additional shelters to our program and expand our organization! We have a dream of one day being able to help Pibbles in every state.

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When our sponsored Pit Bulls finally find their furever home, our community partners help us provide an ever-expanding support package to the adopting families. While professional training support is the core of our package, we are always working with our community to expand our support, including adding benefits such as veterinary services and discounts at retail stores.

Please continue to check our website for updates on benefits and partner locations, as well as our current Pit Bull adoption and Pit Bull advocacy efforts.

Currently, upon adoption, our sponsored dogs will receive the K2C Pibble Package (at no expense to the family) to include the following from our partners:

  • Free access to our training videos
  • Free access to our resource library
  • 30% off DogNostics Pet Dog Solutions courses using coupon code: KENNELTOCOUCH
  • Free “Pibble Package” filled with the following goodies from K2C and our partners for your new furever friend:
  • Free Kennel to Couch treat bag, waste bag holder, training clicker, rubber pet food can lid, bandana
  • Free Epi-Pet K-9 Care Sunscreen
  • Free Leash Belt from Squishy Face Studio
  • Free Freeze Dried Beef Liver Dog Treats from Natural Rapport
  • PetSafe SprayShield Animal Deterrent Spray (Citronella based)
  • PAW Go Slow Pet Feeder Lick Mat
  • Free “Freedom No-Pull” Harness from Fit for a Pit
  • Free copy of “Love Has No Age Limit – Welcoming an Adopted Dog into your Home” by Patricia B McConnell, Ph.D.
  • Free copy of “Play Together, Stay Together – Happy and Healthy Play Between People and Dogs” by Patricia B McConnell, Ph.D.
  • Free copy of “Way To Go – How to Housetrain a Dog of Any Age” by Patricia B McConnell, Ph.D.
  • Free copy of “I’ll Be Home Soon! – How to Prevent and Treat Separation Anxiety”” by Patricia B McConnell, Ph.D.
  • Free Post Adoption Training Coordination – Our coordinator will assist our pups with training advice and resources as well as connect their new FUR parents with local force free, fear free certified trainers in their area.
  • Veteran Benefit: If a veteran adopts one of our sponsored Pitties, K2C will pay for adoption fees in addition to the standard “Pibble Package”

Sponsored Pits

Pitbull Charity



Hi my name is Cliff! I am a handsome 5 year old Pit mix and am a very loving boy. I originally came to the shelter in 2021 and had the best owner. Unfortunately due to a change in her living circumstances I had to return to BHS. I really love people and would do best in a home with adults only and would prefer a home without any other pets! I love to snuggle and will always keep a smile on your face. I am no stranger to doggy pajamas and would love to match while we relax after the fun day! If I sound like the perfect fit for you please fill out an application at buttehumane.org today!


Make an appointment to meet me at the Butte Humane Society in Chico, CA by calling (530) 343-7917, EXT 102.




Miss Julieta is a 3.5 year old terrier. She is super sweet and likes to be around her human(s). At just over 40 pounds she sometimes thinks shes a lap dog! She comes when called and does great with other dogs. Shes potty trained. Julieta was the mama to 10 pups, our Enchanto litter. She is now spayed and ready to find a home of her own! She has a slight front leg deformity but it doesn’t hurt her or challenge her at all.

Julieta is at The Hero Rescue. Please contact them here. You can start the adoption process with the link below: https://www.shelterluv.com/matchme/adopt/HRMD/Dog

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Located at the Bitterroot Humane Association in Hamilton, Duke is our longest resident currently. He is a loyal pit mix that is great around kids but is not a fan of other small dogs and cats. He thinks they’re toys to play with. He has plenty of energy to spare but also loves to cuddle and will be your best friend for a squeaky toy. He’s one of the favorite dogs of the Volunteer Dog Walkers to take outside.


You’ll need to fill out an Adoption Application and complete an interview with an adoption specialist. Call 406-363-5311 or email BRHAfront@bitterroothumane.org to get in touch.
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Sweet Pea

In 2021 beautiful Sweet Pea was left tied to a pole at FFL when a staff member found her. Super gentle, she immediately allowed us to take her inside where we realized just how precious she really was! Everyone at FFL can not wait for this adorable girl to now find her forever home!

Shy at first, Sweet Pea really appreciates when someone gives her time to approach them. Don’t worry though that doesn’t take long at all and soon she is wagging her tail and asking for pets. She has met many people at the shelter and has not met a stranger yet.

Sweet Pea is great on leash and really enjoys going for walks and given that she is not a high energy gal she always enjoys a good nap on her bed afterwards. She would be a great couch companion!

This sweet girl deserves a forever family –  is it you?!


Sweet Pea is with Friends For Life. Please click HERE to start the adoption process!

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