Kennel to Couch FURever Fund

Our non-profit endowment helps local shelters find FURever homes for vulnerable pit bulls.

With your help, we can help at-risk pit bulls escape euthanasia, make the transition from kennel to couch, and…

  • Support local shelters by freeing up kennel space and significantly reducing operating costs…
  • Increase adoption of pit bulls to loving homes, starting with the pitties that have been kenneled at shelters the longest…
  • Offer all our services 100% for FREE, so local shelters and adopters can focus on saving their pit bulls worry-free!

What we do

Sponsor At-Risk Pit Bulls

We identify the pit bulls that have been at the shelters longest, and then we sponsor their adoption from kennels at partner shelters.

Find Loving Homes

We help find loving homes for these pitties, so they can be adopted – and enjoy lounging comfortably on couches.

Free Up Everyone

Our 100% FREE services enable shelters and adopters to free up kennel space and help even more pitbulls find their FURever couch.

Solving the Pit Bull Problem

  • Pit bulls make up the majority of the dog population in shelters. 80% of shelter pit bulls are euthanized every year.
  • The FURever Fund is designed specifically to help save these lovable dogs and solve shetlers’ pit bull problem.
  • We invest in shelters and dogs individually because we’ve found that a local and personalized adoption plan is the most effective long-term solution. FURever means FURever.

Our Furry Beneficiaries

Evelyn Needs a Couch

The Hero Rescue – Jarrettsville, MD

Evelyn has had a rough first 3 years of life, and yet she’s as gentle and affectionate as can be. Nicknamed “BIG STRETCHIES” for the way she stretches out and smiles after a nap, Evelyn is a 50 lb Staffordshire ready to give her FURever family lots and lots of love.

Paloma Needs a Couch

Friends for Life – Houston, TX

This silly girl is full of character and wiggles! Paloma is best friends with the mud and never complains when it rains. After a quick game of fetch, she warms up to strangers… and can go on fetching forever! This good girl is ready to make the transition from kennel to couch.

Ebeneezer Needs a Couch

The Humane Society – Fallston, MD

Energetic and loving, Ebeneezer has been patiently waiting for his FURever home. Ebeneezer needs plenty of time and attention. He’s best suited for a one dog household with dedicated training. And he’s sure to reward his owner with lots of lasting love and affection.

Bella Needs a Couch

Butte Humane Society – Chico, CA

Bella is an adorable 11 month old American Pit Bull Terrier mix. She’s a fun and spunky girl in search of an owner who loves swimming, fetching, and running as much as she does. Best suited for an otherwise pet-free home.

Davey & Jewel Need a Couch

Bitterroot Humane Society – Hamilton, MT

Best friends bonded for life, Davey and Jewel are looking for a FURever home that can welcome them both. Davey is an energetic male pup who loves hiking and playing ball. Jewel is a vocal lady and good listener who loves people.

Pit Bull Myths & Facts

We Need Your Help

Started with a $150K grassroots fundraiser, the FURever Fund needs your investment to…

Expand Nationwide

Our goal is to continually sponsor 50 pit bulls at a time by supporting 50 shelters across all 50 states.

Hire Staff

A small fraction of the fund will be used to hire a lean and effective team to oversee the endowment and day-to-day operations.

Partner with Shelters

We need to get the word out about the FURever Fund, so we can expand our network of Kennel to Couch-associated shelters.

Become Self-Sustaining

With a large enough endowment, the FURever Fund can help save pit bulls in perpetuity without soliciting further public donations.

Saving Pit Bulls, one wet nose at a time

Our mission is two-fold

Have our partner shelters prevent our sponsored animals from being euthanized due to overcrowding, giving our furry friends the time needed to find their furever home.

Break through stereotypes associated with Pit Bulls by teaming with community partners and nationally-recognized programs to provide support and professional training assistance to the loving families who adopt our dogs. With your help, a pitbull non-profit saves lives!

Our Programs

How Does Kennel to Couch Carry Out It’s Mission?

Education – We believe that education is the key to dispelling the false myths that have been created about the Pit Bull breed. Equally as important is educating dog owners on various subjects such as training, dog health, and topics useful to any dog owner. We constantly publish content through our “Pibble Press” blog, training videos, and resource library to keep our community updated and informed.

Physical Challenges – Kennel to Couch strives to promote a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our dogs by organizing activities that get people and their pups active together. These activates are not only physically healthy, but they strengthen the bond between dog and owner. We host several physical challenges per year that push people to get out and get active. These challenges are a great way to spread awareness of our mission, promote a healthy lifestyle, and allow the public to observe thousands of positive breed ambassadors walking their local neighborhoods.

Shelter Partnership – We team with shelters to identify Pit Bulls that have been in the shelter longest. We sponsor these dogs and launch robust social media campaigns to let the surrounding public know that this dog needs a home. When someone adopts a dog we sponsor, they receive our “Pibble Package” filled with goodies and resources.

Pitbull Non-Profit

Invest in FURever Fund

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Our prospectus includes:

  • What we plan to do with $1 million annually…
  • How many pit bulls we can help save simultaneously nationwide…
  • Why our endowment will be exponentially more effective than donating to individual shelters and rescues…

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