Pit Bull Training Videos | Pit Bull Training Tips

Training Videos

Introduction to Force Free Training

Pit Bulls: The Truth, The Myths, The Lies

Why Crate Train Your Dog?

When Not to Use a Crate

Who’s That Knocking at the Door?

Leave it-Yes-Treat!

“Off” – 4 on the Floor!

Walk on Leash-The Prerequisite Skills

Why Teach Your Dog to Sit on Cue?

Video 1-How to Teach ‘Take it’ & ‘Drop

The New Normal-Struggling to Walk Your Dog

Keep Your Dog Happy!

SIT-Visual, Verbal & Default

Cue, Mark and Reinforce-The Correct Way to Train!

How to and How NOT to deliver treats

Recall-Come when Called

Loose Leash Walking

What Should You Do If Your Dog Growls?

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