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We are not a physical shelter or training center. Our official non-profit program partners with shelters to sponsor dogs that are already in the shelter to incentivize people to adopt the Pit Bulls who have been there longest. We have created a facebook group specifically to help people seeking assistance in rehoming dogs or asking for tips from our community. Please join the group and make a post explaining things if this is the support you are seeking. It is a very active group and the members will definitely share and help you get the word out. 

You can find us here:

If you can take a dog to a shelter, please go to and find a no kill shelter in your area.

If you need training tips please visit us here:

We also have a library of hopefully helpful information here:

Want to learn more about how you can support Pitbull Advocacy or Shelters in your area? Reach out to us using the form below and one of our Pibble pros will get you going in the right direction. Thanks!

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