National Pitbull Awareness Month 2022 - Kennel to Couch

October is the National Pitbull Awareness Month which was created to change stereotypes about bully breed dogs and their owners. While there are many nagging misconceptions about them, we at Kennel to Couch (K2C) know that Pit Bulls are not inherently mean, aggressive, or unable to be properly trained. Once known as nanny dogs and as America’s Favorite Dog, the Pitbull has been a victim of bad marketing for many years. With your SUPPORT we can change this!

This very idea is what brought Kennel to Couch to existence. When a stray Pitbull was found in his road, K2C founder Tom Bohne was apprehensive about bringing a Pitbull into his home with his other dogs. Tom put a chair in the yard and sat down to see what the dog would do, the dog climbed into his lap, curled into a ball and went to sleep. At this moment Tom knew the dog had picked them. This dog came to be known as Rocky, and changed Tom’s family’s life. Over the next four years, the family learning the meaning of unconditional love. When Rocky passed suddenly from IMHA, Kennel to Couch was founded to ensure that the impact he made on one family lived on to help other other dogs and families have the same experience.

Kennel to Couch is a Pitbull Non-Profit group that teams with shelters and community partners to remove “at risk” Pit Bulls from shelters and provide the support and incentives needed to encourage their adoption. Since K2C’s inception, the organization has spread to four different states across the United States: Maryland, Texas, California, and Montana.

What started as one family’s mission has now spread to a massive call-to-action for thousands. K2C has expanded nationwide partnering with shelters in 4 states, grown a following on Facebook following of over 34,000 people, and has had over 100,000 participants just this year engage in physical fitness challenges encouraging dog owners to exercise and bond with their pets.

K2C’s most recent accomplishment includes establishing the FURever Fund, an endowment that will help fund its shelter partnership program which find homes for vulnerable pitbulls FURever. Donations to this fund will help at-risk pit bulls escape euthanasia, make the transition from kennel to couch, and…

  • Support local shelters by freeing up kennel space and significantly reducing operating costs…
  • Increase adoption of pit bulls to loving homes, starting with the pitties that have been kenneled at shelters the longest…
  • Offer all of K2C services 100% for FREE, so local shelters and adopters can focus on saving their pit bulls worry-free!

Join us in our mission this month as we continue to rally in the search for continual expansion and growth to save more pibbles across the country.

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