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There’s a common misconception out there that all Pit Bulls are mean, aggressive animals that are hard to train or raise as a pet. In reality, Pit Bulls are known by their owners to be as loving, kind, and compassionate as any other breed of dog. On October 26th each year, Pit Bull lovers celebrate just how wonderful these animals are and work to raise awareness about the real personality of Pit Bulls. Ready to get to know more about Pit Bulls? Today’s the day to get ready for National Pit Bull Awareness Day!

Why Do Pit Bulls Have A Bad Reputation?

The primary reason that Pit Bulls have a bad reputation is because of humans and how humans abused this breed in the past. Though the roots of the breed have long been known for how sweet, caring, and affection they are, this breed was also used for dog fighting for a long time.

Due to this, many dogs were abused in dogfighting situations, and some bloodlines were even bred specifically to be fighting dogs. When dogs don’t know anything but anger and violence, they are going to act on these learnings.

However, this behavior is just that: learned. Pit Bulls are not naturally any more mean or aggressive than any other breed of dog. When trained and treated properly, you can get to know just how loving Pit Bulls really are!

Top 3 Common Misconceptions About Pit Bulls

They Are Dangerous

Many people cite stats that say Pit Bulls are responsible for more dog bites than any other breed, but the fact of the matter is that Pit Bulls are responsible for more reported dog bites than any other breed. Not all bites are reported, but Pit Bull bites typically are.

Additionally, large breeds like Pit Bulls are able to do more damage when they do bite. This does not mean that they are going to bite, but their bite will leave a larger impact.

Regardless, this does not mean that Pit Bulls are more dangerous than any other large breed. A well-trained dog is not going to randomly bite without another aggressor being involved. Dog bites are often the result of irresponsible dog ownership or training; getting to the root of that problem will do more to prevent bites than banning Pit Bulls.

They Are Aggressive

In reality, many Pit Bulls, like other dogs, can suffer from anxiety that leads them to act out. Taking time to find the right bed, toys, and daily structure can help to reduce the amount of stress they feel during day-to-day life.

Aggression in dogs always needs to be judged on a case-by-case basis. Dogs can become aggressive for many reasons. From fear to anxiety to bad training, aggression is typically born out of some psychological fear in a dog. Working with a dog can help to reduce that stress, lower aggression levels, and overall improve this fear.

Any breed of dog can be aggressive because it is not the breed but the situation which leads to aggression in dogs. Pit Bulls are no more likely than any other breed to be aggressive.

They Are Untrainable

This misconception is simply false. Any specific dog being untrainable simply means that the dog is not responding to the training method. Whether that is due to fear, the training technique or owner anxiety doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that you may need to try a different training technique.

Pit Bulls are brilliant dogs, and they are very motivated through the right types of training. This intelligence and need for stimulation leads to a need for intense training, but that is not to say that they are untrainable.

National Pitbull Awareness Day: Celebrating Pit Bulls Everywhere!

On October 26th, dog lovers worldwide will celebrate Pit Bull awareness day; why don’t you join in? By learning more about Pit Bulls and how to help them be more accepted by society, you can play a big part in helping Pit Bulls to gain the respect they deserve as a gentle, loving breed.

If you aren’t sure how to help, check out Pit Bull-focused organizations like Kennel to Couch. These groups are fighting to ensure that every at-risk Pit Bull in a shelter can find a caring home for the rest of their days.  

How To Celebrate

The best way to celebrate National Pit Bull Awareness Day is to post publicly about Pit Bulls and talk to others about your experience.

Additionally, make it a habit to be friendly towards Pit Bulls that you see, and consider adopting a shelter dog even if they are mixed with Pit Bull. Many Pit Bull mixes are not adopted out of fear, and this can lead to a disproportionate number of these dogs not surviving the system. Celebrate by helping them escape!

By Annie Butler


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