Giving Tuesday: Consider a gift to K2C - Kennel to Couch

November 29th is GivingTuesday, a global event focused on the power of radical generosity.

GivingTuesday was created in 2012 as a day to encourage people to do good. GivingTuesday recognizes that anyone can drive huge positive change in the world by one act of generosity. 

This year, we ask you to give to Kennel to Couch (K2C). K2C is a Pitbull Non-Profit group that teams with shelters and community partners to remove Pit Bulls from shelters and provides the support and incentives needed to encourage the adoption of our sponsored Pitties.

Our mission is two-fold:

  1. Have our partner shelters prevent our sponsored animals from being euthanized due to overcrowding, giving our furry friends the time needed to find their furever home.
  2. Break through stereotypes associated with Pit Bulls by teaming with community partners and nationally-recognized programs to provide support and professional training assistance to the loving families who adopt our dogs. With your help, a pitbull non-profit saves lives!

K2C is currently sponsoring five pit bulls from four states for adoption. With your help, we can help at-risk pit bulls escape euthanasia, make the transition from kennel to couch, and…

  • Help at-risk pit bulls escape euthanasia and make the transition from Kennel to Couch
  • Support local shelters by freeing up kennel space and significantly reducing operating costs
  • Increase adoption of pit bulls to loving homes, starting with pitties that have been at shelters the longest
  • Offer our services 100% FREE, so local shelters and adopters can focus on saving their pit bulls worry-free

This November, pledge to Kennel to Couch and make a difference in these dog’s lives.

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