Inspire Nutrition Partners with Kennel to Couch - Kennel to Couch

After being in the fitness industry for many years, training thousands of clients and having tried more supplement products than they can name, Karlie Jennings and Jeff Katz, realized they could make better quality products that tasted better too.

Karlie says they chose the name “Inspire Nutrition” for their supplements company because they wanted to create a brand that chose to lead with positivity.  Inspire Nutrition aims to inspire others through health, fitness and giving back. Because their three dogs were rescues, Karlie and Jeff couldn’t think of a better way to give back through their company than to help raise awareness for Pit Bulls in need.  Inspire Nutrition has partnered up with Kennel To Couch (K2C) to give 5% of each sale made to sponsor more Pibbles.

K2C is a Pit Bull Non-Profit group that teams with shelters and community partners Nationally to remove “at risk” Pit Bulls from shelters and provide the support and incentives needed to encourage the adoption of those sponsored Pitties. Each Pit Bull adopted goes home with a Pibble Package including training and supplies. 5% from each Inspire Nutrition sale will help K2C add a new shelter to the mix and sponsor more dogs!

Karlie says that as kids she and Jeff were both raised to be afraid of Pit Bulls, and that they were seen to be “dangerous dogs”. She says, “Once you’re around them, you’ll realize they are just giant teddy bears.” Karlie and Jeff’s experience with the Bully breed is all to similar to that of K2C’s origins with Rocky. Karlie and Jeff’s dogs opened their eyes to the stigma surrounding Pit Bulls, and they want to make it Inspire Nutrition’s mission to support Pit Bull rescue efforts.

Inspire Nutrition sells both whey and plant-based protein, BCCAs, pre-workout, collagen, and more! Karlie says their rescue dogs have added so much joy into their lives that partnering with Kennel to Couch was the best way for Inspire Nutrition to spread positive awareness about the breed and the importance Pit Bull rescue. Inspire Nutrition and K2C will work together to continue to change people’s minds and hearts about Pit Bulls.


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