Coming Soon: Kennel to Couch Expansion! - Kennel to Couch

Kennel to Couch family, we have some exciting news!

In our efforts to work towards expanding our mission, we have ended our relationship with our old training provider. The in-person training we were providing was unfortunately a limiting factor due to its centralized location (near Harford County, MD, where the trainers were located). Additionally, COVID threw things for a loop and made in-person classes and group training difficult.

Have no fear! Kennel to Couch has been working very hard behind the scenes in the past few months to partner with a new trainer that offers virtual training and we will soon be adding two new features to our website:
  • Training Portal – We will be creating a page on our website with free videos that will instruct new Pibble parents on how to work with their dog, train them on basic commands and teach important things to know when you bring a home a new dog. Our training partner will also offer our community a significant discount via a unique Kennel to Couch discount code to purchase more in-depth and advanced training.
  • Resource Library – Kennel to Couch has amassed a large collection of PDF documents on a variety of topics helpful and important to dog owners. We will be making all of these documents available to our community for free via a resource library we will be developing on our website. This library will be a living project and will grow over time as we obtain new material.

Shelter Expansion

Once this project is complete, we are SO HAPPY to announce that we will be adding additional shelter, outside of Maryland, to our program and will begin to install our program in shelters across the country!  No other organization has the effective rate we do at getting Pit Bulls into loving homes, period. We are very excited to take this new step to expand nationwide.


How You Can Help

We thank our community for their patience as we make this transition and greatly appreciate any assistance you provide us via donation to help us facilitate this next step.
Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the mission to get Pitties out of the Kennels and onto Couches! When the K2C family rallies together, we are unstoppable! Help us reach our goals and consider a gift today.

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