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Kennel to Couch is pleased to announce that we are partnering with our SECOND animal shelter as we work to continue our mission of Pit Bull adoption! Aptly named The Hero Rescue and situated in Jarrettsville, MD, it was formed in 2019 by a network of experienced volunteers and fosters dedicated to saving the lives of animals at risk of euthanasia.

The Hero Rescue quickly began relocating a number of high-risk dogs from overcrowded shelters and bringing them to Maryland for proper veterinary care, spay/neutering, emotional rehabilitation and eventual adoption into loving homes. According to the rescue‘s President Heather Lafleur, “Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of the animals we save and to have a positive impact on the local communities we serve. We’ve taken our personal convictions and turned them into action, promoting respect for one another, compassion for the needy, and appreciation for our adopters.”

“When we were considering names for our organization, the son of one of our board members said, ‘You are puppy heroes, your name should be ‘Puppy Rescue Heroes!’ And we strive to be just that: heroes for our animals but even more importantly, heroes to our youth — teaching children how to interact with dogs demonstrates compassion, love without expectations, and patience.”

And now, meet Tank — our first sponsored Pibble from The Hero Rescue. Already creating quite a stir, a flurry of interest and a fluttering of hearts. Behind this 1 year old boy’s bold look is a very quiet, gentle and shy soul. He is nervous but once he opens up is very attached to his person. His whole personality changes when he is around children, he LOVES them. He becomes an entertainer, a care giver – a total “nanny dog”. He will not take toys from children’s’ hands and instead waits patiently until they put it down or throw it for them. He is gentle and easy to walk, loving to stop and smell all of the things. He’s neutered and fully vaccinated. This Pit Bull mix is ready for his furever home! Read all about him on our Facebook page.

the hero rescue

“Knowing K2C was focused on finding Tank a forever home prompted one of our dedicated volunteers to break him out of the shelter and foster him,” admits a grateful Heather.

By Nomi Berger

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