Why Dog Training is Critical - Kennel to Couch

In today’s day and age with the power of Google searches, there are an abundance of resources for dog training available. While many view dog training as basic commands and obedience tactics, there is much more to the dog training industry. There are a variety of methods and philosophies, but one thing is for certain: training is not only important for dog behavior, it is critical to a dog’s healthy and safety.

Mental and Physical Stimulation

Proper training is highly mentally stimulating for a dog. It keeps them engaged and constantly thinking when they are being taught to reinforce commands or tricks. They say a tired dog is a well-behaved dog. The best method for this is combining a dog training session with physical exercise. Mental and Physical stimulation tires a dog allowing them to get adequate sleep, especially if you leave them home alone during the day. An excellent option for this type of dog training is using an agility course which combines the mental and physical work that a dog needs.

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Tired of coming home to scratched up doors or torn up furniture? Getting your dog proper exercise of their body and mind is sure to be the trick. Providing your dog with mental enrichment and exercise is also a wonderful way to prevent dog anxiety and stress related behavior such as aggression, destructive chewing or biting, barking/crying, or escaping.

Dog Training for Safety

Training is a way of communicating with your dog in their own language. Proper communication builds trust and security in the dog and human bond. Ensuring you make the time for dog training to respond to commands and avoid undesired behavior, will not only make for a happy owner, but a safe dog.

Valuable commands such as the “sit” and “stay” are imperative to preventing dogs running off into a busy street or getting lost in a new neighborhood. “Leave it” and “drop it” are staples for the scavenging types of dogs to ensure they are avoiding items they should not be eating or handling. Dogs who lack training and stimulation often develop negative behaviors which can escalate to aggression or attack. Ensuring you are in control on your dog’s training is essential for both their safety and those of others around them, dog and human alike.

Positive Relationships

Dog is man’s best friend, right? They are known for their loyalty, companionship, and loving nature, when given proper guidance. Guiding your dog to positive behavior keeps them happy and safe which leads to their ultimate trust in you. Using positive training methods encourages the response of a dog without the use of physical force or fear tactics. A relationship build on trust and understanding builds a lifelong friendship. While this is fulfilling and rewarding for humans, it leads to a healthy, happy life for your pup too.

dog toyPutting in the effort to educate yourself and your dog is the most important step you can take as a dog owner. Failing to provide this education for your pup is a disservice to them as they may develop behavioral, social, or physical health issues. Putting in the time and effort is worth it. If you’re looking for a great resource on dog training, check out Sit Means Sit. With over 135 locations across the U.S. and Canada, you can get your dog’s training in tip top shape. More and more shelter animals are now working with trainers and volunteers to ensure they have some basic training before finding their forever home. Pit Bull advocacy groups like Kennel to Couch offer a free training session with Sit Means Sit Baltimore as part of their Pibble Package, a free resource package to incentivize the adoption of shelter Pit Bulls. Training is about humans just as much as it is about dogs. While it may be tough, it’ll absolutely be worth it.

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