Charitable Donations: The Best Birthday Gifts for Dog Lovers - Kennel to Couch

Every year the same questions rolls around, “what do you want for your birthday?”  Most people are stumped when faced with that question. If you’re lucky enough to have all that you need, it can be a tough question to answer. If this resonates with you, why not consider asking friends and family to make a charitable donation in your honor to an animal nonprofit of your choice? If you’re the one shopping for a gift, why not give a gift that keeps on giving? Not only will this gift make a positive impact by going directly to where it is needed, it is supporting a cause near and dear to someone’s heart. A great bonus: it is a tax write off too!

Your Gift Will be Appreciated!

No need for gift receipts, exchanging sizes, or worrying if someone actually liked your gift, a charitable donation is a sure way to warm someone’s heart. A donation to a dog advocacy group, rescue, shelter or humane society is a special way to let a loved one know you care about them and want to support the dog mission they are passionate about. Making a charitable donation in lieu of a birthday gift is something you know the recipients will benefit from and this is sure to be appreciated by your friend or family member.

Here are just a few canine organizations to make a charitable donation to:


Charitable Donations are EASY!

Skip the crowded mall, long lines, and busy parking lots. These days, it is easier than ever to contribute financially to a cause of your choice online. Most organizations provide a donation portal through their website which secure and user friendly. Many online donation forms allow you to inform the recipient that the gift is in their honor. These charitable donations can be made via credit card and receipts are emailed directly to you with a donation tax receipt for your records. One easy way to raise funds for your favorite charity is to do a Facebook Fundraiser. Try creating a birthday charity fundraiser for Kennel to Couch with the link below, simply create and share with your friends!

Giving is Gratifying

Making charitable donations is a mood-booster and makes you feel empowered! There are many opportunities to donate and learn more about their causes. A variety of nonprofit organizations offer gifts to those who donate or become monthly givers. If giving towards dog sponsorship, you may receive updates on the pet your are supporting or picture updates. These opportunities to see the good that is done with just a few dollars a month or even a few dollars per year are invaluable. Tangible successes and results from your charitable donation are wonderful to see and inspire you and those around you to keep giving and helping. Who knows, you might just start a chain reaction!

Next time it’s birthday season for the animal lovers in your life, don’t think twice. Give the gift of a charitable donation. It may have a greater impact on you and those pups than you’ll ever know.

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