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You hear them all the time. They are all over the news, all over your Facebook timeline, and talked about in conversation. Pit Bull misconceptions run rampant in today’s society. But are these things really true?

Are Pit Bulls the Most Aggressive Dog?

In short, the answer is no. The American Veterinary Medical Association claims it is not an inherent characteristic of the breed to bite or attack humans.

“Based on behavioral assessments and owner surveys the breeds that were more aggressive towards people were small to medium-sized dogs such as the collies, toy breeds and spaniels.”

Pit Bull owners face the stigma of having “vicious” dogs, but “controlled studies have not identified this breed group as disproportionately dangerous.” Pit Bulls are an ambiguous “breed” that includes various types of bull terriers. Because they are hard to identify, there is lack of evidence to prove what attacks are truly committed by “Pit Bulls.” Due to the widespread stereotype, it is likely that witnesses are predisposed to hold bias that Pit Bulls were likely the aggressor in a bite or attack, leading to this misconception.

Do Pit Bulls have a “locking jaw”?

What does the infamous “locking jaw” even mean? Chances are, most people who say that Pit Bulls have a locking jaw, do not know what that means either. There is actually no mechanism that locks the top and bottom jaws of a dog together. This myth has been assigned to other similar dogs like Boxers.

Do Pit Bulls have the strongest bite force?

According to PlexiDor, the average Pit Bull bite is 235 pounds per square inch. The average for all other dogs is 320. Pit Bulls are actually below average in terms of bite force. The Rottweilers were the strongest and topped with 328 pounds of bite pressure.

Pit Bull Adoption Advocacy groups like Kennel to Couch work to break the stigma of Pit Bulls and educate the public about the Pit Bull breed misconceptions. Each Pit Bull sponsored by the organization arrives to their new home with a fully funded Pitty Package including a free vet exam and a free Sit Means Sit training assessment. If your home is full, please consider making a pitbull charity donation. The Pibbles will thank you!

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