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Ever come home to a chewed up wall? What about a destroyed couch or a raided pantry? These are the tell tale signs of a bored dog! Fear not, there are plenty of toys on the market sure to keep your pup entertained and, one can only hope, a little bit sleepy! With so many products out there, it is hard to know which is best for your best friend. Let’s break down the best dog toys for all sorts of dogs.


Chewing is in a dog’s nature. How many times have we found that our shoes, socks, furniture or stuffed animals have been torn to bits? Never fear, Nylabone makes chewing bones for every dog of different ages and weights. 

According to Your Dog Advisor, Nylabones carries a line of products specifically for puppies with baby teeth with a softer rubber mean to ease the discomfort a puppy feels when teething. As they grow. This is a puppy pacifier if you will, flavored with bacon, and featuring ribbed texture to massage painful gums. Once at 4-6 months, as the puppy teeth fall out, moderate chewers will need tougher toys. Nylabone bone offers Nubs and “Real Wood” stick chews that will keep your pupper safe and entertained. 

Once those adult size chompers are in place, you really want to keep Fido out of trouble. The best option is power chews, which for most dogs can be also indestructible. Nylabone makes Power Chew knot bones and one resembling a wishbone with three chewable nubs. These are excellent options for large and extra large dogs.

As mentioned by Central Park Paws, most Nylabones are NOT dog treats. While the company does offer a line of edible dog treats, most unless labeled are just a chew toy. And like any chew toy, if the material starts breaking or becomes otherwise compromised, it’s time to toss it so as to prevent your pup from ingesting tough to digest materials.

Interactive and Strategy 

For the most part, dogs need jobs to keep them mentally stimulated and preoccupied so they avoid destructive tendencies. An easy solution for this is dog puzzles and games. These can alleviate boredom and help an anxious dog calm down. 

A few great options are the puzzle games that allow you to hide treats or kibble under “bricks” which your dog has to slide around with his snout to access. This will test your dogs sense of smell, their patience, and their ability to strategize how to get their reward. 

Is your dog a fetching fiend? Check out the iFetch, an interactive toy that launches balls and will relaunch when the dog brings it back and drops it into the machine. The machine has three distance settings, comes with three balls and can work on batteries or AC adapter. The toy has several different versions for your dog’s size and your price point. Not only will the pup get their cardio in for the day, their positive action (returning the ball) will reinforce their behavior by giving them another ball to chase. Training and exercise in one!


The ball is the classic dog toy, and I’m sure it was one of the first items you picked up for your pooch at the pet store. From stuffed to sturdy, every dog does better with a different material ball. 

Zeedog is a company that makes quality dogs toys. Their balls cater to varying needs. If you need a ball that floats, has texture, holds surprise treats, you name it. On the plus side, these are extremely durable!

The ever popular Chuck-It toy is well known amongst dog owners. The Chuck-It Ulta Ball is designed for the most demanding use. It bounces higher than regular balls, floats, and is resistant to chewing like a tennis ball. Another plus, whether you use it on land or water, this rubber ball is easy to rinse and clean off, unlike other fabric covered toys.


If you have space in your yard, an excellent toy idea is to build your pup their own agility course. Affordable options include training cones or disc, jump bumps,  or a see-saw, if you can manage to get a little crafty. A few more bucks can get you A-frames or weaving poles. Both of which can be purchased ready made or built if you’re still on a budget. 

Several agility course obstacles can be readily set up and torn down when needed and make a great option to play with at the park or in a yard. These items are excellent training tools to bond and build rapport with dogs in need of a stimulating brain exercise.

All dogs need exercise and stimulation to live their best life. Mark your calendar because October 22nd is National Make A Dog’s Day. You can make an impact by visiting your local shelter to find out what they need and help donate to those pups. Most shelters welcome food, blankets, and maybe even toys and exercise equipment. If you are able to adopt a dog, we encourage you to do it and make a dog’s day in the best possible way. If you are unable, please consider making a donation to shelters and rescues. A great option is to make a pitbull charity donation to a Pit Bull Adoption Advocacy such as Kennel to Couch. Because advocacy groups such as ours have established relationships with shelters, trainers and veterinarians, your dollar is truly maximized towards helping the animals that need it most


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