How to Remember Your Dog During the Holidays - Kennel to Couch

The holidays can be tough when you’re missing your family or friends. Just as difficult, is missing your beloved dogs who has passed away. The good news is it easy and meaningful to make a few small gestures that can keep your pet’s spirit alive. Read on for three rewarding and positive ways to remember your dog during the holidays and repay them for all the joy they gave you.


Make a memorial donation to an animal non-profit organization. 

The most special part of a memorial donation for your pup is the ability to support a cause that is near and dear to your heart. Non-profit organizations fight for a variety of causes including animal abuse, breed specific legislation, rescue and adoption, breed advocacy, and many more. 

Memorial Donations are a special way to pay tribute to your dog’s memory. This can be done online for most organizations through their website. Many online donation forms allow you to inform the recipient that the gift is “in loving memory of” the deceased pet. If you’re mailing a check, you may be able to include a letter with your donation. 

Consider Kennel to Couch’s mission to donate in memory of your pet: A family weary of the Pit Bull breed took in a stray who quickly became a loving part of their family. When Rocky developed cancer, it rocked their world. Losing him set a fire within them to start Kennel to Couch, a non-profit aimed towards sponsoring long time shelter residents to incentivize adoption that includes training, vet exams, dog toys, and more. With so many dogs in need, consider a donation to Kennel to Couch to honor your lost pet and help dogs in need find their furever family.


Understandably, you may need to take some time after the passing of a pet before considering a new four-legged addition to your home. The grieving process has no time frame, and adoption should always be taken as a serious commitment. 

Should you be ready to bring another pup to your home, consider adopting from your local shelter, humane society, or rescue organization. Your adoption fees also serves a memorial donation in a sense, as it will benefit the organization so they can continue to provide for the animals in their care and sponsor their adoptions. Not only that, but one less dog in the shelter can become one more happy, loved pet and we can bet your life will never be the same. 

An excellent option is to seek out a dog advocacy group that sponsors animals. Kennel to Couch is a Pit Bull non-profit advocacy organization that sponsors Pit Bulls with training and health care at no cost to the adopting family in exchange for getting the dogs out of the shelter and into their forever homes.


It is no secret that many animal shelters and rescues are bursting at the seams with dogs, outnumbering their staff and volunteers. These dogs require walks, being fed, being played with, and even being transported to new homes or shelters. Many of these operations are able to function solely because of the hard work of Good Samaritans that volunteer their time, money, and effort to bettering the lives of these dogs. If you have free time during the week, what better way to remember your dog during the holidays, than to adopt another pet and considering volunteering with an organization of your choice.

A home without the click of their paws on your hardwoods or their jingly collar is not the same, and never will be again. When the going gets tough, the best we can do is give a gift that keeps on giving. There’s nothing better giving a gift that will inspire more tongues out and tails wagging, and no better way to remember your dog during the holidays.

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