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Our Team

Kennel to Couch is proud to introduce you to the team behind all of the hard work that goes into pushing our mission forward. We believe in having a transparent organization and look forward to adding more members to this list as we grow!

Thomas Bohne – CEO and President

Thomas is the founder and President of Kennel to Couch and was Rocky’s Dad. Upon Rocky’s passing, Thomas wanted to understand how he could make a difference if he could only get one dog adopted in Rocky’s honor, so he came up with the concept for Kennel to Couch. 

Thomas is a dynamic business leader with an intimate understanding of the importance of relationships, external and internal to an organization. He has a firm belief that your relationship with partners and volunteers are just as important, if not MORE important, when they leave an organization as when they join. His philosophy centers around his understanding that making people feel valued and valuable is EVERYTHING. Thomas has 10 years executive experience spanning SVP, EVP, and C-Suite positions.

Thomas is an Army Combat Veteran, a classically trained chef from Johnson & Wales, and holds a Masters Degree in Marketing from Johns Hopkins University.

Amber Baum – Vice President

Amber is the Vice President of Kennel to Couch and was Rocky’s Mom. Rocky played an espically important role in Amber’s life as he was responsible for identifying thyroid cancer before it was too late. 

Amber is a Gold Star Spouse, two-time cancer survivor, former Army Combat Medic, senior business professional, and mother to a teenage daughter.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Dynamics and certification from UPenn’s esteemed Organizational Consulting and Executive Coaching cohort, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree from Towson University. She was a HillVets Fellow in the United States Senate, and went on to operate at the highest levels of organization within the White House and on a U.S. Presidential Campaign.

She is a published author and has been a key note speaker and featured story for organizations such as USAA, Folds of Honor, Budweiser Brewing Company, Marine Corps Marathon, Travis Manion Foundation, TAPS, and Operation 300. In addition to advocating for the Pitties, you can see Amber championing for Gold Star and Veteran awareness in multiple online and nationally televised commercials.

Matthew Dykes – CFO and Treasurer

As Kennel to Couch’s Treasurer, Matthew understands the importance of precision in today’s work environment. Data driven decisions are the best way to lead your team to success. In addition to a BA in Accounting, Matthew holds an MBA with the hands-on leadership experience of more than a decade in retail management. Matthew is pursuing his CPA license within the next year.

Matthew is a father and a husband who likes building computers and all things tech, Dungeons & Dragons, Eagles football (Go Birds!), and spending time with his sons. His family just rescued and hatched five baby box turtles, so we’re growing as well!

Stefanie Menjivar – Social Media Marketing Manager

Stefanie is the Kennel to Couch Social Media Manager. She believes that behind every successful woman, there is a strong cup of coffee and a great dog… or a few. Growing up alongside her family dogs, Stefanie learned the ins and outs of caring for pups at young age. Throughout college, she eagerly earned a few extra bucks dog sitting and walking for family and friends. It was a Pit Mix named Tomo, who joined her family and reminded her that despite an unknown past, no shelter dog should be judged by its looks or breed.

Stefanie has always had a passion for supporting rescue efforts and ending the stigma surrounding mixed breeds. When she learned of the K2C mission, she knew she had to be involved in bridging her love of graphic design and blogging with supporting Pit Bull rescue. Stefanie lives in the Big Sky state of Montana, with her husband and two spunky Alaskan Malamutes, Phoenix and Lily. They enjoy hikes in the Spring, rolling around in the Winter snow, and Saturday morning dog piles on the couch.

Nomi Berger – Principal Content Contributor

Words are my passion and were my profession. A journalism graduate, I’ve been a poet and best selling novelist, advertising copywriter and industrial editor, Public Relations director of a major hospital and author of hundreds of articles. Having grown up in an “allergic” household, we had no pets, and owning one never occurred to me. Then, in 2011, I fell in love with Uggie, a Jack Russell terrier in the Academy Award winning film “The Artist.” Don’t ask me why. Writers can’t explain their obsessions, and Uggie, a rescue dog, became mine, followed swiftly by a second one: the world of animal rescue. In 2013, I began volunteering my writing skills to rescue groups in Canada and the US. One year later, I adopted Mini, a 6-year-old Maltese, and experienced, for the first time, the exquisite intensity of unconditional love.

I found my third obsession – pit bulls – after stumbling upon Animal Planet’s TV series “Pit Bulls and Parolees.” What captured my heart was the ability of these abused and abandoned dogs to forgive and to trust their rescuers, responding gratefully to them with their wide, silly smiles and trademark, wagging tails. Now, as part of K2C’s passionate team whose mandate mirrors my own, I’m passionate about educating as many people as possible when it comes to this most misunderstood and much-maligned breed, and to ensure that the shelter dogs we sponsor find the loving forever homes they so rightly deserve.

Woobie – Chief Nap Time Officer

Woobie has a passion for all foods, and for following his daddy around. He can be found sleeping within 5 feet of wherever his daddy is, or begging for food. Honestly, he doesn’t do much but we just love his smile.

Woobie was rescued by Tom and Amber from a shelter after being hit by a car. He received the reconstructive surgery he needed to fix his smile, as well as to treat doggie leprosy. Woobie is now a healthy boy who sleeps in bed, snuggled with his Daddy every night (daddy has not had a night sleep with his whole body on the bed since Woobie came home). 


Juicy Lucy – Chief Begging Officer

Lucy’s is very fancy and she would like to talk to your manager! She is known around the neighborhood because her milkshake brings all boys to the yard.

Amber and Tom rescued Lucy from a home when her original mommy passed away and had nowhere to go. She is a complete momma’s girl, and when you are eating will look at you as if you posses the last morsel of food on earth that she will ever see and you should give it to her!


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