Heather McClain-Howell - Kennel to Couch

Heather McClain-Howell

Post Adoption Training Coordinator

As Kennel to Couch’s Post Adoption Training Coordinator, Heather provides adopters of our sponsored pups with expert training resources to help our dogs settle into their new homes. In the event that our adopters need professional training support, she connects them with a certified Force Free/ Fear Free trainer in their local area. Heather is a former art student, total dog geek, force free training advocate, shelter volunteer, small business owner, and designer/manufacturer of 100% USA-made apparel for short, stocky dogs.

Since 2008, Heather has logged many thousands of volunteer hours as a trainer, dog walker, playgroup manager, foster mom, pre-adoption & post-adoption counselor, training coordinator, adoption matchmaker, photographer, transporter, event coordinator, fundraiser, volunteer coordinator and dog nutrition & fitness consultant for shelters and rescues.

Both of her businesses were created and continue to exist to help dogs and their humans. You can visit her at https://fit4apit.com/.

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