Stefanie Menjivar

Pibble Press Editor

Stefanie is the Kennel to Couch Pibble Press Editor. She believes that behind every successful woman, there is a strong cup of coffee and a great dog… or a few. Growing up alongside her family dogs, Stefanie learned the ins and outs of caring for pups at young age. Throughout college, she eagerly earned a few extra bucks dog sitting and walking for family and friends. It was a Pit Mix named Tomo, who joined her family and reminded her that despite an unknown past, no shelter dog should be judged by its looks or breed.

Stefanie has always had a passion for supporting rescue efforts and ending the stigma surrounding mixed breeds. When she learned of the K2C mission, she knew she had to be involved in bridging her love of graphic design and blogging with supporting Pit Bull rescue. Stefanie lives in the Big Sky state of Montana, with her husband and two spunky Alaskan Malamutes, Phoenix and Lily. They enjoy hikes in the Spring, rolling around in the Winter snow, and Saturday morning dog piles on the couch.

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